The 2016 Fundraising and Awareness Event is taking place on April 1, 2016. This year we are encouraging everyone to summon their inner Gatsby with 1920’s inspired attire. Learn more about the event by clicking here. In case you need some inspiration we have put together some guidelines below.


Guys, what to wear to embrace your inner Jay Gatsby?

  •  Your spiffiest suit!… Need more details? – Gents in the 20’s wore pinstripes and other patterns. Back then tailoring was roomier, instead of the slim fit look you see these days.
  • Bow-ties and long ties are both fitting for the times, as well as pleated or wing-tipped shirts, suspenders, and canes.
  • Finish you’re look off with a hat (fedora or news boy style) or a slicked back sleek hairstyle.

Dolls, embracing the chic look of the roaring 1920’s!

  • For women, short hair or finger wave curls were all the rage in the 1920’s, along with bold makeup choices!
  • Dress styles varied in length and fit, but always had a glamorous feel. Beading and geometric patterns made their first appearances in trends.
  • Unique patterns, fringe, feathers, and fur are all details women can embrace!
  • When in doubt… Add Sparkle and accessorize! Whether it be a metallic dress, lots of pearls, a clutch, or sparkly headband paired with a little black dress. Sparkle and statement accessories are key to a 1920’s look.

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